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Ag Investment at LiveExchange 2017
15 Nov 2017 1:25 PM

LiveExchange 2017 will bring together over 400 delegates from a variety of backgrounds in live export for a two day c...

Our Services

Our Corporate Advisory Services are as comprehensive as any professional provider. It’s the specialist knowledge and experience we leverage that makes us different.

Advisory & Due Diligence

We want investors to have a rewarding, long term experience with Australian Agriculture. We acknowledge that Ag Investment is notoriously complex and checkered with examples of less than successful outcomes. Not all is what it sometimes seems in Ag and this is why it is critical to have access to real knowledge specialists, not just those who have seen a farm or two. We work closely with you to understand your investment goals and to navigate the process to avoid future pitfalls.  We believe there is nothing more important in investment than the right expertise and advice. We look for all the risks, especially those that can only be found by specialised experience. This puts you in control from the beginning.

Asset Management

Your success is our success. Creating positive outcomes from agricultural investment over the long term can only be achieved with skilled, best practice management. Aux Venture partners with large, effective portfolio managers with a successful track record in agricultural assets to ensure that institutional grade corporate governance and management structures are complemented by our specific expertise in achieving the right assets, risk, strategy and performance.

Independent Expert Reports

An independent review of any investment transaction can offer a high-value decision making tool which can yield real differences to your future bottom line. We provide concise insight into any deal proposal to point out the key considerations which will create a more goal-oriented outcome.

Investment Governance

Our extensive practical experience in agribusiness means we can also offer investors an independent review into their current investments as an audit or change-based investigation on management and operational performance. Identifying key challenges to efficiency and opportunity can accelerate a positive experience in the overall investment outcome.


Our background in banking services as well as our extensive network of private and institutional capital providers offers us the ability to source and structure funding, coordinate financial due diligence and work to achieve a successful funding arrangement for your business strategy.