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>Ceda focuses on Ag Data for Growth

30 May 2017 1:00 PM - Aux Venture was delighted to be invited by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia to present at their recent Agribusiness Forum on Investment, Agridata and Growth in Brisbane, Queensland
Panel Discussion at Ceda's Agribusiness Forum Event in Brisbane, Qld, 30th May 2017

What role does Agdata play in investment?  That was the question a recent presentation by Managing Director Jennifer Wainwright looked to answer at the recent Ceda Agribusiness Forum in Brisbane. A timely question given the rising global investor interest in Agriculture in Australia, and one that may flag the possibility that the data currently available in the public domain on Australian agricultural activity may lack timeliness, if not accuracy.

As investors from new markets and wealth sources enter into investigations on opportunities to invest in Australian ag, there begs the question - do they have access to the data they need to make informed decisions? Certainly there is vast knowledge in the sector and relatively accessible statistics. However in a time of big data and electronic capture of almost anything, could there be more avaialble to support this growing capital interest?

Privacy and the great challenge of data ownership are significant stumbling blocks to the Ag industry producing accurate data for public access. However, if these issues aren’t addressed and the methods of data collection and analysis brought up to date, the industry runs the risk of missing out on opportunities with investors, especially with small and medium scale investment.

Feedback from the Tuesday 30th May Ceda Agribusiness Forum reflected the unspoken awareness of this issue in Australian agriculture and appreciation for having the topic open for discussion.

A transcript of the speech is available below: