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Passive Investment in Agriculture

Are you finding investment in agriculture too complex? 

Passive Investment may offer the answer.

Traditionally, investment in the agricultural asset class involved opportunities to provide additional capital for productivity increases and capturing revenue growth. This investment structure still offers some of the best returns in the class, but often has complex risk models associated with the outcomes, which include needing to understand commodity cycles, climatic eventualities and input cost risks connected to global markets. 

For those looking to invest in farmland without the desire to manage the risks of operational investment or with concerns about investment manager understanding of the farming sector, passive investment in agriculture represents an exciting alternative.

Through our passive model, investment is still closely linked to sustainable food production and the compelling macro trends supporting farmland investment. However, the investment capital remains in the tangible physical assets and is simply without any operational risk. 

Partnering with long-standing, experienced and passionate farmers via land use agreements or leases allows the passive investment to yield a fixed net return, defined in advance. Further, many of our opportunities offer guaranteed capital preservation and defined exit returns. 

All passive opportunities are carefully selected and developed to ensure the complexities of land ownership and the legal requirements of direct foreign investors are minimised. We partner with the best farmers and graziers who will work closely with investors to align interests and maximise success. 

To find out more about how the Passive Investment Model for Agriculture may be right for you, Download our information brief now.