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15 Nov 2017 1:25 PM

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Operational Investment In Agriculture

Do you want a great investment that also contributes positively to global food security?

Operational Investment in Agriculture may offer you an exciting opportunity.

Operational investment in agriculture is a structured investment that allows the investor ownership and participation in the business of food and fibre production. This investment structure offers some of the best returns from the agriculture investment class and can be very practically rewarding. 

Operational investment underpins best agricultural practice to ensure superior environmental and economic outcomes, in turn delivering strong returns on investment while contributing to growing alternative investment markets driven by the increasing demand for clean, safe food.

Australia is deservedly regarded as one of the best food and fibre producers in the world. The opportunities to further expand best practice agriculture to meet growing Asian appetites for protein are compelling. 

Aux Venture has been developing opportunities to invest directly in Australian agriculture since 2009. Our extensive experience in Australia’s north provides unique understanding of where the real opportunities to grow return capabilities exist. Further, our extensive networks of agricultural professionals as well as industry participants, market contacts and support services provide a strong basis for the advisory consideration of any operational investment into agriculture.

Whether you are looking for an operational investment opportunity or experienced advisory services to support the assessment of risk, Aux Venture can help.