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Ag Investment at LiveExchange 2017
15 Nov 2017 1:25 PM

LiveExchange 2017 will bring together over 400 delegates from a variety of backgrounds in live export for a two day c...

Want a great return in a rapidly growing alternative asset class?

Invest in Agriculture

Today, the reasons to invest in agriculture are compelling. This asset class presents investors with real assets that are intimately connected to the globes growing population’s most basic need – to eat. Further, corrections in global markets means that agriculture can also meet investment return appetites with passive investment opportunities in Australian farmland now readily able to reach 5-8*% fixed net returns.

Globally, both climate change and increasing depletion of agricultural land are leading to increasing scarcity, in turn driving investment returns from farmland. Powerful macro trends strongly support investment in farmland as every day the world’s population grows by a net of 200,000 yet on that same day 30,000 hectares of farmland is lost. The FAO has predicted that to reach the world’s demand for food by 2050, global food productivity will need to double and this will need to be achieved with significantly less farmland than we have today.

Effective investment in agriculture can greatly support this needed growth in productivity and sustainability of farmland for food production. Aux Venture has been developing investment opportunities in Australian agriculture since 2009.  We believe Australia represents one of the best destinations for food security and agricultural based investment due to sovereign stability, potential for further productivity gains, relative price of agricultural land by productivity output, accessibility to scale, domestic need for effective capital and the opportunity to partner with multi-generational farmers that produce some of the best quality food in the world.

Further, half the world’s population is located in a prime position for supply from the Australian food bowl. Asian markets are rapidly growing in close proximity to sustainable livestock production in Australia's north. There is also a strong productivity, resource and technology base to support further development and growth, giving Australian farmland investment opportunities sustainable and attractive return capabilities.

Aux Venture has investment ready opportunities available for astute direct foreign investors, passive investors, private equity, debt purchase or joint venture investment interests. Catering for direct investors as well as institutional placements, Aux Venture develops all of our investment opportunities from the ground up. Using extensive networks in the Australian agricultural industries as well as a diverse, hands on practical background, our expertise has a depth that is hard to find in investment managers. 

Aux Venture brings a unique skill set to investment development and can offer exclusive opportunities that represent some of the best investment offerings available.