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Disclosure Policy

Here at Aux Venture, when it comes to matters of money, we believe in transparency and accountability. Day in and day out, we dedicate ourselves to delivering responsible investment opportunities, first grade advisory services and sound financial education.

That’s why, when it comes to talking about investment, rural finance or assets for sale, we think it’s important that you know exactly where we’re coming from. So with this in mind, we have developed a company-wide disclosure policy to guide our business and communications.

We believe in disclosure that protects the privacy and opportunity of our clients. We invite you to take some time to read through it and we hope it helps inform your experience here at Aux Venture.

Integrity and Transparency

Internally, Aux Venture has always strived to operate with the highest levels of integrity and transparency. As such, here are the key components of our disclosure policy:


  • Aux Venture is a privately owned Australian company that does not have interests in the investment prospects it promotes unless clearly disclosed in the product information.
  • Aux Venture holds a corporate Real Estate License under the Property Occupations Act 2014 in the state of Queensland, Australia which entitles us to fulfil all aspects of property and business transactions governed by the Act.

Business and Technology Partners

We have business relationships with an ever-changing assortment of companies, including technology providers, leasing companies, data providers, banks, distribution channels, advertisers, landlords, accountants, real estate agents, consultants, brokers and the local coffee shop.

Many of these companies are connected to the opportunities for investment that we either develop or advise on. There may be instances in which we represent an investment product or opportunity from an introduction by a company or individual with whom we have had a business relationship. All investment products, proposals or opportunities are independently and personally verified by Aux Venture for the highest level of integrity and performance. Our networks allow us to bring forth the best possible investment opportunities in a timely way so that investors have the greatest selection available.


We have designed our disclosure and trading guidelines to serve our community, our clients and our employees fairly.

As always though, you should remember to consider every piece of investment information you receive, not just as a de facto recommendation, but as an option for further consideration.

Even the strongest disclosure policy does not excuse individuals from taking responsibility for their own decisions. Due diligence, critical thought and independent review are crucial to your financial success.