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15 Nov 2017 1:25 PM

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Finance Solutions For Agribusiness

In the infamous article Lean, Mean and Hungry: Trade Secrets of a Tycoon by Marcus Padley, a once ‘richest man in England’ was quoted to have said: 

“Debt is King. You’ll never make big money without it. Do not be afraid of debt. Liabilities drive you to the most herculean of efforts”.

It’s a quote which, once heard, few of us with debt will not call upon in our mind while in the midst of our own herculean efforts. But while debt can be good, it can also direct the fate of an agricultural business if not structured effectively.

Where once Australian agricultural business had only the banking sector to draw on for debt and financing resources, there is now a growing array of solutions available. Alternative lenders, including private and wholesale funders, as well as increasingly adapted trade finance options are improving the cost and availability of capital. 

Often we get busy with the business of just doing in our business, but great advantages can be gained from taking a step back and reviewing your capital structures with experts that have a broad knowledge of the options available to you today.

If your business could do with an Effective Capital Structure Review, Aux Venture has a wealth of experience in finding new options for debt restructuring, rate negotiation, private financing and project funding. We find the financial efficiencies and can recommend structures for lower cost capital that could mean you will be doing more of what you want to do and less of what you have to do.

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