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>Ceda focuses on Ag Data for Growth
30 May 2017 1:00 PM

What role does Agdata play in investment?  That was the question a recent presentation by Managing Director Jennifer ...

About Aux Venture

At Aux Venture we are devoted to the long term rewards of successful investment.

Successful investment in agriculture is rewarding. Yet investment in this asset sector can be tricky. Agricultural businesses can be complex.

This is where real experience can make the difference. 

Aux Venture is about delivering understanding of the sector, from the ground up. We provide quality advice and tailored strategic solutions. Our strong capabilities come from a unique blend of real, hands-on practical involvement in agribusiness, combined with over 15 years of corporate finance and risk management experience. 

Established in 2009, Aux Venture offers premium consultancy services in direct investment, rural finance, due diligence, capital raising and corporate advisory. 

Today, Aux Venture boasts some of the oldest and largest clients in Australian Agriculture. Our  specifically developed strategies and due diligence processes mean we have a serious commitment to delivering specific outcomes that focus on the long term success of your investment journey.

Whether you are looking for skilled advice on building a supply chain investment in food production or opportunities to develop strategic joint ventures, co-investment  or passive investment in Australian farmland, Aux Venture looks forward to adding value to your investment journey.

What's In a Name?

AUX (pronounced ‘ox’) is taken from the Latin "Auxilliary" meaning to aid or support; and VENTURE being "the taking of risk in the pursuit of higher gain" 

As our name suggests, Aux Venture is a company that is here to support you through the risks of your journey to higher financial success.

Our People

Managing Director

Jennifer grew up as the fourth generation of Queensland graziers. She completed a Bachelor Degree in Rural Science with honours and travelled extensively to farms working in an...

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