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Aux Venture delivers business and investment solutions from experience in Australian agriculture

Looking to invest in Australian Agriculture? Aux Venture can help. 

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Aux Venture has been developing investment in farmland and Australian agribusiness since 2009. Using practical experience obtained from hands on work in the industry and qualifications in agriculture, finance and real estate, our strategies are focused on optimising investment performance with the minimisation of risk. 

Our agriculture and farmland investment opportunities present sustainable, best practice farming production systems that look to maximise uplift potential and produce rewarding outcomes.

Aux Venture has also pioneered the Passive Investment model in agricultural investment whereby investors can enjoy the benefits of investing in the asset class without the added complexity of operational risk. 

We specialise in getting agribusiness investor ready and can offer interested investors unique and exciting opportunities now that partner with first class farmland and best-practice Australian producers.

Need an edge to reach to your financial goals? 

Aux Venture can help your business raise effective capital to accelerate your business goals. 

Are you looking to start a new strategy, undertake development, find rural finance or effect asset acquisition or divestment? Aux Venture can help.

Globally, both climate change and the increasing depletion of usable farmland have created scarcity. There is a significant need to uplift productivity to meet the world's demands for food. 

The corresponding need for capital has created exciting possibilities for investors and also, increasing opportunities for skilled and experienced producers. 

Aux Venture looks to innovate and deliver alternative solutions for capital raising, joint ventures, equity partnerships or passive investment that can underpin the future goals of Australian farming families.

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